Instagram for Local History

Last December, we created a crowd-sourced image gallery titled “Local History through the Public Eye.” The idea was to involve local Instagrammers to take photos of local landmarks, historic sites, parks, building details, and views of the city and surrounding areas with unique perspectives, and submit them with the #toledosattic tag. With over 170 photos contributed, the project could be called an initial success, not to mention the formation of a community of Instagram users who responded to the call for images almost instantaneously after the initial Twitter and Facebook postings. Thank you!

The collection includes photographs of Toledo and vicinity as viewed by individuals — in very diverse and personal ways. Some photos are very artistic, which demonstrates that the local landscape can inspire creative activities and new photographic images. Instagram also has the potentials for becoming a community-based preservation tool to be used for capturing building details, building restoration/renovation/demolition projects around town. With the #toledosattic tag, photos will appear on the Toledo’s Attic site, and with the location provided, they will appear on a map that visitors can browse. It would be wonderful for this project to continue.

Instagram photos are copyright protected and are owned by those who took and submitted them for public view.


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About Toledo's Attic

Since 1995, Toledo's Attic has been the virtual museum focusing on the twentieth-century history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio, offering a large collection of images and essays related to local history. Toledo's Attic is a co-operative project of the Ward M. Canaday Center of the University of Toledo, the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, the Maumee Valley Historical Society, and is hosted by WGTE Public Media.

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