Update on Toledo’s Attic

Toledo's Attic Home Page

Toledo’s Attic Home Page

We have finally migrated and expanded the content in Toledo’s Attic.  In addition to the 50 historical essays, we also have over 5,000 images, many slide shows, and other interactive presentations.  A significant change in our outreach strategy has been the use of social media, and we have been present in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, HistoryPin, and more recently, in Instagram.  The Instagram allows participants to add the #toledosattic hash tag to allow the image to appear in the Gallery, so this is a collectively curated collection with residents of Toledo and Northwest Ohio deciding what goes on.  We hope that this experimental program helps locals appreciate local history and the need to preserve local historical sites, landmarks, and their memories.

We will continue to add historical essays, photographs, and other contents, but also plan to engage students interested in local history to add items of interest.  For History Day, there is already a comprehensive list of national and international digital archives that can be searched for valuable primary sources with images that student can use in their exhibits.  In addition, we plan to reach out to historical societies in the region in hopes of sustained collaboration.


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About Toledo's Attic

Since 1995, Toledo's Attic has been the virtual museum focusing on the twentieth-century history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio, offering a large collection of images and essays related to local history. Toledo's Attic is a co-operative project of the Ward M. Canaday Center of the University of Toledo, the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, the Maumee Valley Historical Society, and is hosted by WGTE Public Media.

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